Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Interview with Robert Malliet - Actor and Wrestler and all round great guy

Robert Malliet is probably the biggest man in cinema at the moment. He may not have starred in hundreds of films yet but the ones he's in he always manages to make an impression.

You may remember him as an Uber Immortal in the stunning 300 or as Dredger in the recent re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes.

For horror/wrestling fans he is about to appear as Frankenstein in the new movie Monsters Brawl and I can't wait for it.

Well, Robert was kind enough to take a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk to me and I thought I'd share with you all.

Hi Robert... Thanks so much for agreeing to chat with us for a while.

-Its good to be invited over.

Now do the roar!!! (Only kidding, this guy is big but he's no ogre)... So, looking on Facebook I see you list your top job as machine operator... Is that true?

-That's true! I work for a company that makes ventilation units for homes and commercial use. I work in the sheet metal department that punches and bends metal to form the units. Its been 8 years so far!

How do you go from machine operator to wrestler and then to film star?

-I was wrestler first but then I slowed down and found a real job!(lol).I was offered a role in 300 through wrestling contacts. So I took the opportunity and ran with it!

Do you find it easy to balance it all out with family life?

-Its tough. But we manage. My wife is used to the game. But for our little daughter Mekedess its a little harder for her. We adopted her from Ethiopia right before I left for England for 2 months to shoot "Holmes". It took awhile after to re-establish our relationship!

Since starring in “300” you've snagged roles in some impressive titles. How do you feel you've progressed as an actor?

-It was 5 years ago that I filmed 300 and I've done 4 films since. I've learned alot on each film. But there is still alot to learn! I can tell you that I'm much more comfortable being on set!

I did a film called The Big Bang last year. It was really a departure for me. My character is the heart of the story! All my scenes were with Antonio Banderas. He and the other actors told me I was doing a great job. So that helped my self esteem a lot!

I have to say that I'm very excited about Monster Brawl. Can you tell us a little about this one, how you came to be involved and your character in it?

-Independent film makers from Collingwood(North of Toronto )were sending messages for months. They wanted me to play "Frankenstein" who with 7 other monsters fight it out in a tournament to determine the true dominant Monster.

I wasn't sold on the idea until I saw the drawing of me as the monster. And they were very serious about having me! Then I thought to myself that this should be a fun ride!

The premise is simple... Classic Film Monsters fight it out to the death in an old cemetery in a wrestling ring. Its billed as a pay per view event with commenter's and annoncers. It should please fans of the horror,wrestling and comedy genre.

It sounds great. I really can't wait to see it.

-Great casting too with Lance Herikson as the Narrator and Jimmy "The Mouth of the South"Hart as the host. Dave Foley and Art Hindle as the Commenter's for comic relief. Former WWE,WCW and TNA wrestler Kevin Nash is there as well!

Some great names for horror and wrestling fans.

-And the rest of the cast are just terrific to work with. The set was amazing considering the budget it had. The crew worked very hard on it and were very passionate of the project. It will come out probably around Halloween time of 2011.

You will also be seen as the Minotaur in the upcoming The Immortals... Do you enjoy being hidden behind make up and costumes or do you prefer the roles such as Dredger in Sherlock where the audience gets to see the real you?

-I did enjoy playing The Minotaur. My head was completely covered with this huge helmet. It wasn't the most comfortable thing to wear. I could barely see and it was very hot in there.

I had to do all the stunts for the Big Fight sequence. It was quite challenging. But the Minotaur costume I wore was awesome and powerful.

I was always fascinated with masks in general. I always wanted to wear the Darth Vader helmet when I was younger. People would be terrified of the mask while you were hiding your true identity.

I used body language and head movements since the audience can't see my face. But showing my visage does help getting noticed for sure. I took advantage of my facial expressions.

S.H. was a huge hit and helped my visibility in the acting world.

And while I'm talking Sherlock I have to ask... What was the first thing to go through your mind when you accidentally put Robert Downey Jnr on his arse?

-Terrible of course. I taught how bad did he get hurt.

A little bit must have thought I just knocked out Iron Man... cool.

-Turned out all right at the end!:)

As you continue in film is there any genre you'd like to step into... comedy, romance, action etc...?

-I would like to try all genre but I would prefer Action and Horror!

Has anyone ever walked upto you and said “Hmm, I thought you'd be taller?”

-On the contrary! People say I'm taller in real life! They must have thought they used CGI in Holmes to make me Bigger (lol).

Is there one question you'd like to be asked and what would your answer be?

-Are you afraid of heights?

Good one... And are you?

-Yes I am.

Looking back at you wrestling career what would you say was the high point?

-Being with the WWE of course. Wrestling in my hometown with the WWE in front of my family and friends was a high point. Touring the world was always a perk with the Job!

Do you prefer the wrestling or are you now more comfortable with being seen as an actor?

-Acting bug for sure. But can't say no to Wrestling gigs ether. Its not out of my system yet.

What does the future hold for you... What can we expect to see you doing next?

-To continue the dream. Still waiting what this year will bring!

Thanks for this, Robert and I hope we get to chat again soon.

-Thanks for the opportunity!!

***Next time I'm hoping to chat with Neil Jackson, the UK actor who has starred in films such as Quantum of Solace and Push and TV including Flash Forward, Blade: The series and Upstairs Downstairs***

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